Welcome to The Mother of all…

I’m not a huge fan of social media, believing it’s a distraction for young people when they’ve got enough to contend with. Raging hormones and homework, to name but a few. But, as they say, nothing stands in the way of progress, so it is with some reservation and no little trepidation that I take my first steps into the blogosphere.

What was I going to call my blog, though, in a pretty congested marketplace? I’ve decided to take the same approach to blogging as I do to Twitter, as in only sharing – as the blog name suggests – truly awesome stuff that stirs so much emotion in me that I feel compelled to comment.

Also, I know I won’t be unique in being both a mother and a PR but have decided that being a professional communicator makes me in some way qualified to give advice on how to win (teenage) friends and influence them. Oh, wait a minute I’ve committed the ultimate non-PC sin. Oh sod it, here goes…


Charting a course to the ‘good (university) life’

 “I miss maths, Mum.”

Music to the ears of any parent with a teenager about to make choices about what to study at university.

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